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                Staff Favorites

                If you're a writer, picking your favorite article is like picking your favorite child. In other words, it's really easy and always obvious.

                Here are some of the articles that have caused a flurry of a pretense of interest.

                The Longing: Why is our culture on fire about the Web when we can't even say what it's for? A desire so fervent must express a deep longing, a spiritual longing.

                Knowledge Narratives: Stories are to information as information is to data.

                0:1 marketing: 1:1 marketing only has a real "you" at one end of the equation — and we need to do something about it

                The KM Impulse: Why do we care?: Beneath the buzzwords is an impulse to understand

                The EZ Press Release Form: Everything you need to do it yourself.

                Down with Reality!: The person staffing the ticket desk asks me: "Do you have an electronic ticket or a real ticket?" Two thousand years of philosophy, and this is what it comes down to.

                The importance of being wrong: You can't go wrong being wrong.

                Business Turing Test: Does your business have a human voice?

                Messages in bottles: Sometimes a human voice pokes through a product, and it's thrilling.

                Let me count the KM ways: What do 8 cases of KM have in common?

                The Death of Docs: The Web is eating away the very heart of doc-ness. With a reply by Frank Gilbane.

                Business and Time: We're seeing an important shift in the nature -- not just the pace -- of business time. We're moving from a type of heroic chunkiness in which projects are private until published to a collaborative granularity in which much more is exposed to public view, for longer, and deadlines are not as important as readiness.

                The View from the Knowledge Management Summit: Everything you didn't want to know about KM. (Includes "The New Science of Fucking Management.")

                How to Feel Like a Jew: Go down south.

                Emotional Computing: Roz Picard of MIT on why computers can and should be emotional.

                Technological Breakthroughs by the Media: Peek behind the curtain as The New Republic goes techno-freak on us!

                Devolving Definitions: All Hail Larry, for He hath brought forth NCs direct from his mighty forehead...by redefining them into existence.

                The Knowledge Management Metaphor: "Managing knowledge" is as wrong as thinking of the Web as "the worldwide scrapbook". Let's try a different metaphor...

                Death of Suck: "Suck" is out. Here's a replacement.

                Why Search Engines Suck: Part one in a continuing series

                One-Question Interview: Dan Bricklin on Writing for Online: The inventor of the killer app for the PC and -- more recently -- the mind behind Trellix discusses what we can learn from printed paper about building documents for hyperspace.

                When Everything Is on the Web: Everything electrical -- from refrigerators to thermostats to vending machines -- will be a web server, serving up information about itself. Besides having levels of control never before imagined we're also going to see some big shifts in metaphors.

                Meaningless Blather: How much computer memory would it take to capture human experience? We take apart some meaningless blather that somehow mistakes life for cleverly arranged bits.  

                Favorite Bogus Contests: Every issue contains a contest. Here are some of our favorites:
                Frame jacking
                Web palindromes
                Web addresses off by one
                Ethics we'd like to see
                Web acronyms
                Unclaimed puns


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