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                  2. The JOHO Meat Locker
                    Previous Issues of the Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization

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                    Issues from before 2000

                    August 18, 2008

                    [email protected]:白山棋牌下载 Recently, the tenth anniversary edition of The Cluetrain Manifesto came out, a book I co-authored. Here's some of what we got wrong in the original version.

                    Our kids' Internet: Part 1: Will our kids appreciate the Internet?: Will the Net become just another medium that we take for granted? Part 2: The shared lessons of the Net: The Net teaches all its users (within a particular culture) some common lessons. And if that makes me a technodeterminist, then so be it. Part 3: How to tell you're in a culture gap白山棋牌下载: You'll love or hate this link, which illustrates our non-uniform response to the Net.

                    The news' old value:  Part 1: Transparency is the new objectivity: Objectivity and credibility through authority were useful ways to come to reliable belief back when paper constrained ideas. In a linked world, though, transparency carries a lot of that burden. Part 2: Driving Tom Friedman to the F Bomb: Traditional news media are being challenged at the most basic level by the fact that news has been a rectangular object, not a network  

                    Bogus Contest: Net PC-ness白山棋牌下载: What should we be politically correct about in the Age of the Web?

                    October 18, 2008

                    Exiting info: As we exit the Information Age, we can begin to see how our idea of information has shaped our view of who we are.

                    The future from 1978: What a 1978 anthology predicts about the future of the computer tells us a lot the remarkable turn matters have taken.

                    A software idea: Text from audio:白山棋牌下载 Anyone care to write software that would make it much easier to edit spoken audio?

                    Bogus Contest: Name that software!

                    May 30, 2008

                    How much do we have to care about?白山棋牌下载 Even if the mainstream media's coverage of most of the world didn't suck, would we care? Are we capable of caring sufficiently? (Annotated by Ethan Zuckerman!)

                    Vint Cerf's curiosity: If we are indeed getting more of a stomach for the complex, what role has our technology played?

                    ROFLcon and Woodstock: Am I so enthusiastic about the ROFLcon conference because it was important or just because I'm out of touch?

                    Is the Web different? The definitive and final answer.

                    The Turing Tests: Throwback humor, in both senses.

                    Bogus Contest: Surely anagrams can't be random!


                    February 4, 2008

                    Is the Web different? Is the Web just the next medium in our history of media, or is it a spiritual transformation, the great hope, blah-di-blah-di-blah?

                    Fairness and scarcity: In a world of abundance, fairness is so 1990s. 

                    The next future of HTML:白山棋牌下载  The draft of the next version of HTML manages a surprisingly fine balance between the needs of humans and the needs of our computer overlords.

                    Bogus Contest: Tech clichés

                    November 19, 2007

                    The future of book nostalgia白山棋牌下载: Anthony Grafton's New Yorker article on why libraries will always be with us shows the power of book nostalgia.

                    What we owe白山棋牌下载: As parents we need to fight to let the Internet we love be a settled part of our children's lives.

                    August 31, 2007

                    The Privacy Non-Principle: Privacy is too squirrely for principles. We need to keep it difficult.
                    The Web as perpetual embarrassment: Suppose the norms never settle down?
                    Are hierarchical organizations hierarchies? Or: Why don't we salute our bosses? Do all organizations have hierarchies? Not by any reasonable definition of the term.
                    Vowels or Consonants: Some of us are vowelers, some are consonantals. Wanna make something of it?
                    Tip: Scanning is a pain. Snapping is easy.
                    Cool Tool白山棋牌下载: Librarything.com

                    May 4 , 2007

                    Can tags be wrong?: You tag it potato. I tag it tomato. Shall we just call the whole thing off?
                    More of everything: The Internet is swamp of lies. The Internet is a haven of knowledge. Yes to both.
                    Twittering away: What looks trivial may turn out to be, up close, not so trivial after all.
                    Book notes: "Everything Is Miscellaneous" launched a couple of days ago. You thought I wasn't going to mention it?
                    Bogus Contest: Elevator Pitch: Can you come up with the Everything Is Miscellaneous elevator pitch? Lord knows, I can't.

                    March 9 , 2007

                    The abundance of meaning: If too much information is noise, what's too much meaning?
                    The abundance of worthiness and the new relevancy
                    : When there's an abundance of worthwhile pages on just about any topic, search engines need to evolve. 
                    Book stuff: (1) Why finishing a book sucks, (2) the new book's site, and (3) the book's word cloud
                    A (commercial) model of miscellaneousness: BioMed Central embodies many of the current trends.
                    Why do movies suck?: We don't make that many movies, we invest heavily in them, and yet most of the comedies aren't funny, the suspensers aren't suspenseful, the action ones are incoherently edited. Why is that?
                    Cool Tool: The O'Reilly Hacks series
                    What I'm playing: Dreamfall and Devastation Troopers
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: Suggest a Daily Open-Ended Puzzle

                    August 21 , 2006

                    Anonymity as the default: As digital identity management systems come one line, the norm is switching from being anonymous to being identified, with unintended consequences we may not at all like.
                    One Web Day: Earth Day for the Web. Come celebrate!
                    My Hundred Million Dollar Secret: I've self-published a kid's novel. You can buy it or read it for free. (My promise: Harry Potter does not die in it.)
                    Cool Tool: RoboForm is great...except for one thing.
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: A contest no one really enters

                    July 23, 2006

                    Why believe Wikipedia?: Simply by appearing in the Britannica, an article has credibility. But that's not true for Wikipedia because you might hit an article a moment after a loon has altered it. Yet, Wikipedia has (and deserves) credibility, in part because of its willingness to acknowledge its fallibility.
                    The end of the story (Or: The tyranny of rectangles: Journalism can't get stories right because the world doesn't fit into rectangles.
                    Book report (Or: My obsession): The first draft of my book is done. Here's a brief report on Chapter 8.
                    Walking the Walk: Raytheon tags. And taxonomizes.
                    Cool Tool: Diigo notes socially.
                    What I'm playing: Gun is disappointing. Indigo Prophecy progresses from cool to idiotic.
                    Bogus contest白山棋牌下载: Metadata for traditional authorities

                    December 29 , 2005

                    Why the media can't get Wikipedia right: Stuck in its old model, the media get the story backwards.
                    Are leaves mulch?: Peter Morville's criticism of folksonomies, et al.
                    Cool Tool : Power scanning!
                    What I'm playing: Murderous rivolity rules.

                    December 5 , 2005

                    The year of unique IDs: We're about to get very interested in assigning meaningless numbers to lots of things. Very interested.
                    Living on an Internet houseboat: Save the Net for aging hippies? Probably not going to happen.
                    My book: Progress report: Here's what chapter 3 looks like.

                    September 20 , 2005

                    Relativism and the Net: Moral and cultural relativism used to be a lot easier.
                    Liking PoMo: Try as I might, I can't get past the high BS quotient of so many Postmodern essays.
                    My book: Progress report (Or: How I spent my summer "vacation"): I'm working away on Everything is Miscellaneous. Here's what I'm up to.
                    Walking the Walk: The Beebster is doing some good stuff with knowledge management
                    What I'm playing: Brothers in Arms is overhyped. Painkiller is underhyped.
                    Bogus Contest: Net MadLibs

                    June 20 , 2005

                    All I have to do now is write the mofo. Times Books is publishing Everything is Miscellaneous. Here's what a book auction is like...
                    No, I'm not keeping up with your blog白山棋牌下载. It's time to drop the expectation that I've read yours and you've read mine.

                    May 2 , 2005

                    Why I'm a pessoptimist —The Right to Connect: Let's not be too quick to compromise.
                    Walking the Walk: The Beeb rulz
                    Cool Tool: At last, multi-page faxing in Windows! Woohoo!
                    What I'm playing: Half Life 2 is the greatest game ever.
                    Everything Bad is very very good: Steve Johnson's new book finds the value in pop culture

                    March 3 , 2005

                    Trees and tags - An introduction: What are taxonomies, tags, faceted classification, folksonomies...? And do they matter?
                    My life as a Berkperson: I've been at the Harvard Berkman Center since last summer and I think I'm beginning to understand what it's about.
                    Larry Summers and the Web as world: The blogosphere practically demands that Harvard-related bloggers say something — something! — about their President's comments...and that's evidence that the Web is a world, not just a medium

                    January 28, 2005

                    Trees vs. Leaves: Tagging may be shaking the leaves off of taxonomic trees, affecting not only how we organize ideas and information but how we think about organization itself.
                    Bridge Blogging: A new effort tries to break through the national boundaries implicit in the blogosphere.
                    Links: Some funnish stuff.
                    Bogus Contest: Wikipedia topics.

                    October 15 , 2004

                    The future of facts (and the rise of fact servers): Are facts going to become as cheap and uninteresting as styrofoam peanuts?
                    The end of data: In the new world of classification and categorization, data and metadata are indistinguishable.
                    Walking the walk: O'Reilly's foo camp is brilliant marketing in which the product is never mentioned
                    Cool tool: Open source Audacity sounds good
                    What I'm playing: Far Cry
                    Email: How much of an anti-Semitic misogynist was Melvil Dewey?
                    Bogus contest: Name the metadata bundles discussed in "The end of data" article

                    September 3, 2004

                    Why Dewey's Decimal System is prejudiced: The DDC's aging value system shows the pernicious influence of reality.
                    In defense of small talk: The virtues of being trivial.
                    Cool Tool : PowerDesk beats Windows Explorer. And Mozilla Thunderbird beats Outlook. What a surprise!
                    What I'm playing: That damn Zuma. But Doom 3 is here.
                    Internetcetera: Hotels go wifi.
                    Links: Miscellaneous leads.
                    Email白山棋牌下载: Your response to last issue's proposal

                    July 25, 2004

                    The Three Orders of Order: The third order is new, and it's ripping up the rules for how we manage, navigate and understand our world.
                    Aristotle Thirty Years Later : He's gotten a lot smarter since the last time I read him.
                    What I'm playing: Zuma and Painkiller

                    June 15 , 2004

                    Why I'm not a pacifist any more: It has nothing to do with Bin Laden. It all began in the third grade...
                    Pacifism and flaming: Maybe the important part of speaking truth to power is just speaking
                    Questions too dumb to ask: How does a Voice over IP phone ring a real-world phone?
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: If history were a movie

                    May 6 , 2004

                    Chains and links: The tree-like structures we've grown up with are being challenged by messy webs.
                    The most beautiful idea in history: The Harmony of the Spheres is just too wonderful an idea to ignore, even though it's irrelevant to JOHO and everything it cares about.
                    Just a few links: A handful of links.

                    April 15, 2004

                    There's no I in Identity白山棋牌下载: Ordinary Language analysis of our real-world use of the term "identity" can help us avoid some misunderstandings when trying to figure out what "digital identity" means.

                    April 2 , 2004

                    Keep Voting Ponderous: Near-transcript of a commentary on NPR's "All Things Considered" about why electronic voting machines -- even if they were trustworthy -- will degrade the voting experience.

                    March 26, 2004

                    The fate of JOHO: Should we carry on?
                    Why I hate Friendster. Really: I have excellent reasons to be wary of social networks. Now want to hear the real reasons?
                    The slippery slope of slippery slope: Thank goodness for slopes.
                    Walking the Walk: Open Source.
                    Cool Tool: AutoHotKey, and an X1 you may not want to refuse.
                    Game I'm playing: Blackhawk down is fun but disturbing
                    Internetcetera: Miscellany from Linux Journal and Mother Jones.
                    Bogus Contest: What's my book about?

                    October 15, 2003

                    Metadata and Desire: Metadata, that most abstract of abstractions, is rooted in human desire.
                    Why creators shouldn't own what they create: The act of making public also makes a public
                    Why The Web Has No Leaders: Little d democrats rejoice!
                    What People Still Don't Get about the Dean Campaign: It's not about bottom up. It's about person to person.!
                    Design by Kafka: Products with devilish gotcha's
                    Bayesian Fun: Filters that know how spammers talk
                    Walking the Walk: Surprising metaphors
                    Cool Tool : Guess what Bloglines aggregates
                    What I'm Playing: Will Rock rocks
                    Internetcetera: The tiny tidal wave of spam
                    Political Misc: Warning: Not W friendly material enclosed
                    Links: You find 'em, we run 'em
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: A single letter. Damn weblog comments!
                    Bogus contest: Look-Unalikes

                    July 17 , 2003

                    The Unspoken of Groups: The implicit and ambiguous holds us together.
                    Social Software: A Coda: Software that respects the unspoken should give us hope.
                    Webby Peace: A Second Coda: Maybe the unspoken could teach the world to sing?
                    The Internet Constituency: How the candidates are doing
                    Politic links: Skip this is if you can think it's important to be fair about the Bushies
                    The Anals of Marketing: Ah, Marketing!
                    Walking the Walk: Companies look at blogs
                    Cool Tool : Steal this DVD
                    What I'm playing: I'm the last one to play Battlefield 1942
                    Internetcetera: Fun fact-ishness
                    Links: You find 'em, we go there
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your messages
                    Bogus contest: Semantic anagrams

                    May 17 , 2003: Special Matrix Issue

                    Are we simulations?: A philosopher argues that if our species manages to survive long enough, then we're highly likely to be sims. Sounds like stunt philosophy to me.
                    The Body of the Web: What does it mean that we have no body on the Web?

                    March 17 , 2003

                    The Web Matters: Familiarity breeds ennui. A little wonder wouldn't hurt.
                    World of Ends: Reaction and discussion about an article Doc and I wrote together.
                    The Right to Anonymity: Is there such a thing?
                    Opinion Tags: A proposal to let you link to a site without it counting as a recommendation.
                    Notes from SXSW: Some highlights from a conference.
                    Cool Tool : NewzCrawler. It's newz to me.
                    Politics: Wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am so depressed.
                    You First seconds: A couple of responses to the "You First" proposal.
                    Anals of Marketing: Dumb and ugly.
                    Links: Your recommendations.
                    Email, Denials of Service and Refusals to Serve: Your always insightful email.l
                    Bogus contest: Net monikers.

                    February 25, 2003

                    Is the Universe a computer?: I don't understand it, but I'm pretty sure people are drawing some false analogies from it.
                    The "You First" digital ID pledge: Can we as customers get vendors to agree not to hurt us?
                    Bloogle: Google's acquisition of Blogger.com puts it in a position to do Good or Evil.
                    Flashing and time: Who is the master of my time?
                    It's a JOHO world after all: A review, etc.
                    Misc.: Etc.
                    The Anals of Marketing: Don't be a moron when you market.
                    Walking the Walk: Presentation Do-Bees and Don't-Bees
                    Cool Tool : Showing off your fancy graphics.
                    What I'm Not Playing: Siberia is a butt.
                    Politics: The Axis of AstroTurfing
                    Links: Places to go.
                    One email: Just one.
                    Bogus Contest: Taking the issue off.

                    February 14 , 2003

                    The Internet is not a thing: It's an agreement. And there's a big difference.
                    Three Class Sessions: The topics of some classes I gave at MIT
                    CEO Speak: CEOs, the future and flowery language. How could it be bad?!
                    Two Phone Acronyms: UNE-P and ENUM semi-explained
                    Eroding Digital Freedom: Snippets about how they're ruining it for us.
                    Misc.: Misc.
                    Wifi Notes: Lots going on in the wireless world.
                    Political Notes: Too much going on.
                    The Anals of Marketing: Astroturfing, analysts' predictions and more.
                    FotoFun: Metadata illustrated and more
                    Walking the Walk: The feds, believe it or not. Sort of.
                    Cool Tool: Opera is my browser, and it's about time.
                    What I'm playing: Ghost Recon add-on.
                    Internetcetera: Email non-responsiveness.
                    Links: Places you think are worth a visit.
                    Email: You write it, we all read it.
                    Bogus contest: Bart's Blackboard

                    December 20 , 2002

                    Open the Spectrum: It's time to decentralize the ether.
                    Talking to Librarians: Random notes about information.
                    Reflexology: What's wrong with having the right moral reflexes? Nothin'.
                    Moral Fiction: Why do Pulp Fiction and Grand Theft Auto feel more moral than watching Ahnuld kick bad guy butt?
                    The Anals of Marketing: We're all in the sights of marketeers. Might as well enjoy it.
                    Digital Rights Liberation: News from the war we're losing.
                    Google Google Google!: Morsels, tidbits and three tips.
                    Paging Dr. Freud: I seem to be making more Freudian slips, perhaps because I want to sleep with my mother. Oops, I meant "because of the stress I'm under."
                    Misc.: Misc.
                    Walking the Walk: Maids Home Service discovers that portals are not read-only.
                    Cool Tool: DVDme lets you make little Timmy's dance recital look as slick as a corporate sales video.
                    What I'm playing: No One Lives Forever 2.
                    Internetcetera: The sudden decrease in dot-com failures must indicate a comeback!
                    Links: You found 'em.
                    Email, Advice and Time-Delayed Stinkbombs: Mail from the smartest readership on the planet! (And the least able to detect pandering.)
                    Bogus contest: Wireless Oxymorons

                    October 25 , 2002

                    Digital ID: Four lessons from the DigitalID World conference, including: IDs are nice but not the center of the universe
                    The Need for Leeway: It's the only way we manage to live together, and computers are eating away at it
                    Educational Leeway: A Personal Addendum: Grading kids sucks
                    Hope on the copyright front: Multiple news items actually offer some hope. But don't get your hopes up about hope.
                    Notes and Disclaimers Pertaining to the Above Material: Covering my ass when it comes to using words
                    How to Become a Guru: Ten steps to financial freedom.
                    Why Google Totally Sucks! Really!: Nah, not really.
                    Misc.: Misc.
                    The Anals of Marketing: Jumping the Loan Shark and Yahoo the Censor
                    Walking the Walk: Timex finds the Web changes time
                    Cool Tool: Picasa organizes your pictures
                    What I'm Playing: Grand Theft Auto 3 - reprehensible but so damn much fun
                    Internetcetera: Broadband vs. cell phone adoption rates
                    Links: You send 'em, I run 'em
                    Political Links: Hey, you get ready to start a war, you get a few links
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Where are you bastards?
                    Bogus contest: My brain on the Net

                    October 21 , 2002

                    Special Issue: Letter to FCC: Fail Fast!: Forty-four netheads have sent a letter to the FCC urging it to let the current telecommunications industry "fail fast." Its infrastructure and business model are obsolete and getting in the way...

                    September 12 , 2002

                    Palladium and the Real World: Microsoft's bid to make our computers secure will also make them vulnerable to thick-fingered copyright holders.
                    The 3 Rules of Digital Rights Management: There's nothing wrong with managing copyrighted materials, if you do it right.
                    Real World End User Licenses: Defaulting to Stupidity: The importance of leeway.
                    The Pop-under that Saved the World: Find Osama!
                    Why Vacations Suck: Ten reasons no one likes vacations.
                    The Anals of Marketing: Stamps, End User Abuse License, and protecting Godzilla
                    Walking the Walk: Maybe conversation actually is important.
                    Cool Tool: LeXpert and StartUpManager
                    What I'm playing: Clive Barker's Undying
                    Internetcetera: Spamming the dead
                    Scandal Central: A picture is worth 10-20 years.
                    4 Conferences, No Wedding: I'm plugging them, even if I'm not going to them.
                    Links: You found 'em.
                    Email, Random Slights and Unsightly Growths: Your excellent emissions.
                    Bogus contest: Open Source Conspiracy Theories
                    Contest Results

                    July 24, 2002

                    Dreyfus on the Internet: Hubert Dreyfus, philosopher, has a monograph about the Net that is profound and off the mark.
                    Bluetooth Pro and Con: How do you want to go wireless? There's no simple answer yet.
                    Sham compromises: We're losing the Digital Rights Management battle
                    Keeping Telcos Simple, Stupid: How do you explain the telco mess?
                    Pocketful of Standards: A bluffer's guide.
                    Blogger Dead Pool: Who will be the first journalist fired for what s/he says in his/her blog?
                    The Anals of Marketing: Stupid, stupid marketing.
                    Walking the Walk: Automated integration: Boring but helpful.
                    Cool Tool: Multi renamer.
                    What I'm Playing: Jedi Outcast.
                    Internetcetera: News on the Net and off.
                    Eighth First Name Award: Google searching for first names.
                    Links: You suggest 'em, I run 'em.
                    Email: You write 'em, I run 'em.
                    Bogus contest: Tomorrow's Moral Monsters

                    June 26 , 2002

                    The Semantic Argument Web: Tim Berners-Lee's dream of a Web of meaning is unlikely to happen, at least the way he thinks.
                    Office of Homepage InSecurity: We should use the Web better than this.
                    Clueful Marketing: Could you find a better example?
                    Blogthreads: We need a way to refer to 'em. Shelley is going to give 'em to us.
                    A Small, Necessary Gesture: A hand signal for when you've been a jerk.
                    The Invalidator: The official HTML validator ought to loosen up
                    Walking the Walk: Macromedia and a game maker seek advice from outside their own conference rooms
                    Cool Tool : Pockey stores 10G USBly
                    What I'm Playing: Serious Sam: Second Encounter. Too much fun.
                    Internetcetera: Why am I still using Office?
                    Anals of Marketing: Mainly bad ideas.
                    Links: You found 'em, I intermediate 'em.
                    Small pieces: Alex Golub engages with it.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: More lovely messages from y'all.
                    Bogus contest: Upcoming Books

                    May 11, 2002

                    Pope on the Internet: The Church's message on the Internet gets it surprisingly right ... and unsurprisingly wrong.
                    Bombastic Truth: Christopher Locke's new book is brave personally and...
                    Getting Personal: ...the personal on the Web connects in a way that broadcast can't.
                    The Gift of Lying: Honesty is overrated.
                    Stop me before I'm inconsistent again!: Noting the inconsistency of the previous articles
                    Walking the Walk: the Navy gets all KM-y.
                    Cool Tool: Mitch Kapor may have something for us, and Kanguru storage.
                    Now Playing: The games people, um, I , play.
                    Internetcetera: CIO survey.
                    Beijing and Peru Escape Hostage Plot: Two slip past the Microsoft sentries.
                    Why Search Engines Suck: They just do. Except Google, of course.
                    Virtual Everything: On the heels of the virtual keyboard, our labs have been busy...
                    The Anals of Marketing: Why marketing sucks.
                    Links: Your contributions, outstanding as always
                    Email, Scurrilous Attacks and Premeditated Insults: Must get more email!
                    Bogus contest: Kids Versions

                    March 28, 2002 - Special Small Pieces Issue

                    What the book is about: It's harder to say than it sounds...
                    The review I dread: It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of how many.
                    Free children's version: Yes, I wrote a children's version. No, I don't know why.
                    Links: Early reviews, etc.
                    Call to arms: Don't make me beg
                    The Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: What the hell did I mean?

                    March 15 , 2002

                    The End Is Nearing (or March for Your Rights!): So much bad legislation, so little time.
                    Web as Utopia: The Web is a place where we can perfect our imperfect nature
                    Why I Don't Write... : ... as considerately as Dan Bricklin or as sympathetically as AKMA
                    Words of the Year: The results are in!
                    Same Grim Games Mire Gas Mimer: The results of the Grammies are in!
                    KayPro Nostalgia Corner: Strolling down memory lane at 5mH
                    The Anals of Marketing: They so crazy.
                    Searching: A feature we'd like to see
                    Walking the Walk: IPS Funds' experiment in mutual democracy
                    Cool Tool : An easy, low-end backup program
                    Internetcetera: Dept. of Big Numbers
                    Puzzles and games: Quirks and oddities
                    Links: From you, as delightful as ever
                    Email: Will you people never let go of the past?
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: Jakob Nielsen Ratings

                    February 11 , 2002

                    Cracking words: As Michel Foucault shows that the Greek word for "free speech" cracked under social pressure, some of our most common words are also showing the strain.
                    Free the Broadband: TechNet's call for universal broadband access should be heeded.
                    Googlewhacking — The Inside Story: A craze, a phase, a plan, Panama.
                    The New Royalty: Many may share a last name but only one gets the domain - and thus did WW III begin.
                    Anals of Marketing: Some stuff that's so dumb you wouldn't believe it.
                    Links: From you. Excellent as always.
                    Email, Rants, and Hurtful Epithets: Your expostulations.
                    Bogus Contest: Artists' Conceptions

                    January 14, 2002

                    News Flash: Luuuuuub .... Duuuuubya
                    Possum Sites
                    : Sites whose existence proves there's hope yet.
                    A World without Gray: Why Customer Support Sucks: We know how to help one another, if the lawyers -- and fear -- would just get out of the way.
                    How to tell a good idea: There are lots of ways a good idea can be good without being successful
                    Anals of Marketing: Dumbness from my marketing colleagues
                    Why Search Engines Have Gotten Too Good: For once we're not whining
                    Misc.: Dept. of Go To Hell and Rowling Weds Scarily
                    Two End of Year thoughts:A Christmas for Everyone and the Sentimental Existentialist
                    Links: Your idea of a good time
                    Email, Baseless Allegations, and Crumpled Envelopes from Caves: Your usual fabulous email
                    Bogus Contest: What not to say to a VC

                    December 31, 2001

                    Links and Horizons: There's more to the Web - and to the real world - than meets the eye
                    Teams vs. Individuals: Strong individuals can make lousy teammates ... Hegel and the Web to the rescue!
                    So, You Go: The verbal tic of choice
                    Misc.: Why search engines suck™, XP as pirate, and spam vs. English
                    The Anals of Marketing: Miscellaneous marketing stupidities
                    Walking the Walk: San Jose Bicycles talks the talk, in the best sense
                    Cool Tool: ClearType works
                    Links: Your pointers
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your comments
                    Bogus contest: Neologisms

                    December 14 , 2001

                    NEWZ you can use: Parodies, ironies, and other natural extensions of reality.
                    Gonzo Marketing: Chris Locke's book is so good that you can disagree with it and still like it a whole lot.
                    Slumping the Shark: The difference between sitcoms and corporations when it comes to declining interest.
                    A Hippie Learns to Love West Point: What I learned about collaboration from 4 hours with the military.
                    Hunt for Strongest Possible Terms Ends: Groups that have denounced something in the strongest possible terms come clean.
                    Conference Report: High Tech Lives: Moribund economy? Not entirely.
                    Misc.: The anals of marketing and why searching sucks(tm) (excepting Google of course).
                    Walking the Walk: PTC enables collaborative product design.
                    Cool Tool : Little tiny utilities.
                    Internetcetera: Who we netizens are.
                    Politicklish: Death to terrorists, Bush is a moron, etc.: Your comments and denunciations about 9-11 and more.
                    Links to Love: Places you think worth a visit.
                    Email, Stray Insults, and Worrisome Flu-like Symptoms: The rest of your comments and denunciations.
                    Bogus contest: MRUs of the Rich and Famous

                    November 12 , 2001

                    Identity and self: Liberty and Passport may guard our identity, but let's not forget our self.
                    HumanML: The human metadata project lags the human genome project.
                    Why Search Engines Suck: The good, the bad, the really screwy.
                    Misc: How many apostrophes are in the possessive of McDonald's?
                    Who's Tired of Being a Millionaire?: www.rawa.com is accepting donations.
                    The Annals of Marketing: Enter the world where everything is a pitch.
                    Walking the Walk:
                    Cool Tool : Enfish Find gets it right. At last.
                    Internetcetera: Meaningless stats.
                    Links: You contribute a whole mess of 'em, many related to 9-11.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, Extra Suspicious Hacking Coughs and Skin Rashes to Obsess About: Don't call your doctor until you're spitting up blood. It's your patriotic duty.
                    Why I'm not a pacifist any more: A colloquy based on a msg from reader Gary L. Murphy.
                    Bogus contest: Bugaboos: What gets under your Web skin? (No anthrax jokes, please.)

                    October 11 , 2001

                    The Rationality of Laughter: Jokes make sense of the senseless. Especially these days.
                    Losing the war on Privacy: It's over. Even the nature of the line between private and public is changing.
                    My Bumpersticker: Between the bellicose and the pacifist, where is a bumperstickerless boy to turn?
                    Misc.: Anagrams and making way too much about a dumb email joke.
                    Three Conspiracy Hypotheses: 1. Woody's Oedipal analysis; 2. Evil Bert; 3. Do It Yourself.
                    Sept. 11 Links: Sites worth seeing.
                    Dissent: Just on general principles let me state for the record: I disagree!
                    Email: Email about 9/11.
                    Bogus Contest Results白山棋牌下载: Twisted Internet truisms.

                    September 27 , 2001

                    The First-Person News Network: The Web provided a new type of news on September 11, 2001.
                    Generation Alpha:A speech I want to hear an American politician give.
                    A Lesson We May Have Learned: Do Americans still need to be told that the world is essentially unmanageable?
                    Many Small Terrorists Loosely Joined: What can we learn about terrorist networks by analogy to the Internet?
                    A Poem: Forgive me.
                    The Bogus Contest that Could Change the World!: Not really.

                    August 15, 2001

                    Mind the Scaffolding: Our minds are out in the world, not inside us busy building an internal picture of the external world.
                    Post-Modern Knowledge Management: A One-Question Interview: Kevin Werbach tells us what KM is and isn't
                    Downsizing Bob: How much would you pay to have Dylan sing at your next birthday?
                    The Annals of Marketing: Tidbits from around the world.
                    Dept. of Funny Namers: Adolescent fun.
                    Bush: Too big a target to walk around.
                    Walking the Walk: Johnson & Johnson get smart.
                    Cool Tool: Auto-fill those pesky Web forms.
                    Internetcetera: Who are the geeks? Who are the Webbies?
                    Search Engine Madness: The search issues you love to hate.
                    Links to love: Hey, you're the ones who said these were good sites, not me!
                    Who's Tired of Being a Millionaire?: Give till the cows come home.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your email, you sly devils.
                    Bogus contest白山棋牌下载: 6 Degrees, Hold the Bacon.

                    July 25, 2001

                    Special Summer Vacation Interim Issue

                    The Database and the Joke: There are two basic forms of information on the Web...
                    The Causes of Incipient Online A-Holism白山棋牌下载: Why do we become such jerks as soon as we get online?

                    June 17 , 2001

                    Save the Threads!: We need a way to move our conversations up, down and across the Net.
                    Breaking the Spine of Books: Books will always be here? Yeah, so will archery.
                    The Three-Strikes Rule for PR: Here's how not to get a lonely 'zine writer interested in your wares.
                    Misc.: Fonts, the Pope and Jerry Lewis.
                    Walking the Walk: Frito-Lay is salty with the Web.
                    Cool Tool : Ricardo can save your threads
                    Internetcetera: The COBOL Extinction Calculator
                    Links: You find 'em, we run 'em
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your always amazing messages.
                    Bogus Contest: Semantic Punctuation

                    May 14, 2001

                    Value-Free Net: The Internet's design was based only on engineering values, but somehow political values managed to sneak in. Imagine that!
                    Standards Soup: Solid SOAP and Its Buddy UDDI: A new set of standards may make the Web into an "application space."
                    Misc: Stuff
                    Search engines: Some ways search engines suck, and some ways to keep them from sucking so bad
                    Bush: More on Shrubya from ya.
                    Links to Love: Where you went today.
                    Walking the Walk: The Feds go with an odd type of P2P.
                    Cool Tool : Dreamweaver 4 rocks, but maybe not $129 worth.
                    Internetcetera: Kevin Werbach has stats for us.
                    Who Wants to Stay a Millionaire?: How you're giving back your dot-com thousands.
                    Email, Nagging Suspicions and Unrelenting Responses: Your email, fabulous as always.
                    Bogus Contest: Web product placements.

                    April 20 , 2001

                    How Bits Are Built: Bits aren't like atoms. They don't really exist. And that's why the Web is ours.
                    Our Web: Have I mentioned that the Web is ours?
                    Misc.: Google tricks, over-guarded email, and flattering insults.
                    Bush: Dontcha just hate him?
                    Walking the Walk: Shell Oil of all things.
                    Cool Tool: Digitizing tablets of all things.
                    Internetcetera: Wireless hype.
                    Links to Love: Where you think we ought to go, you minxes you.
                    Who Wants to Stay a Millionaire?: How you're donating your cash, hard-earned or not.
                    Email, Grumblings, and Howls of Derision: Your usual fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest: Future Spam

                    March 21, 2001

                    Joy of Connects: Is a new web of acquaintances gelling?
                    Schizophrenic Truth: Do we live inside of our own heads? Not on the Web.
                    XHTML and the Sixth Day of Creation: A standard may bring discipline to HTML
                    Misc.: 1. Introducing www.AndersensNewNameSucks.com; 2. Earthquake drawn in sand; 3. Knowledge entropy; 4. Trailing indicators for Lotus; 5. All your link are belong to us.
                    Why Search Engines Suck: Multipart feature, including a search engine that may not suck.
                    We Still Think Bush Is a Moron: Your mail still shows a shocking disrespect for our "President."
                    Links to Love: You've been all over the Web and you've reported back what you've found.
                    Walking the Walk: nOrh has voice.
                    Cool Tool: Chat for free with people on your site.
                    Internetcetera: Why 'zines like this make the big bucks. Really!
                    Bong-Based Business Ideas: The bad ideas that have driven us to buy the bad domain names.
                    Email, Wheezing Replies, and Chagrin Made Public: More from you.
                    Bogus contest: Webabble: Too many translations

                    February 26, 2001

                    The Problem with Professionals: What does being a professional add besides the right to carry a clipboard?
                    Philosophy without Permission: <rant> Academics who think they can control the conversation are in for a rude awakening.</rant>
                    Ginger-vitis: Tired of Ginger yet?
                    Politics and JOHO: Why we talk about Bush.
                    Something Nice about Bush: Our Treasury Secretary redesigned the Alcoa building real good.
                    Beating the Bushes: Your Email: Most of you don't like Shrubya for Brains much either.
                    Walking the Walk: A small but neat idea from eRoom.
                    Cool Tool : A place to get utilities.
                    Internetcetera: Sexism in the workplace! No!
                    Links to Love: A carpal-tunnel of links from you.
                    Email, Rumors, Quiet Times in Dark Private Places: The usual fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest: 2x2 hell.

                    January 19, 2001

                    Reed's Law — An Interview: One of the Internet originals explains that the value of the Net comes not from its raw connections but from its group-forming ability.
                    Stories and Fractal Interests: Human interest is fractal. That's why we love OJ and Monica.
                    Quoth the Raven's Master: Nevermore?: What's up with Lotus?
                    Reboot Habits: How do you spend your reboot time?
                    SPECIAL SECTION! Beating the Bushes: More reasons to think Dubya's a schmuck (carefully quarantined for your reading pleasure).
                    Why Search Engines Suck: Like you need more reasons?
                    Collective Stupidity: Stupid domain names.
                    Walking the Walk: Users of Lawson software discover discussion groups.
                    Links to Love: A zillion more places to go, thanks to you.
                    Whose Tired of Being a Millionaire?: Ways to spend your money that aren't all about you.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, etc.: Your fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest: Pleonasms

                    December 18, 2000

                    The New Common Sense: Common sense is a rich gift that we lack on the Web.
                    The Peer-to-Peer Future of Document Management : DocMan is dead! Long live DocMan!
                    Misc.: TheForester Variations.
                    Walking the Walk: EDS schmoozes the Navy.
                    Cool Tool : A toy for your inner head-banger
                    Internetcetera: Mark the date when the durn foreigners take over.
                    Links to Love: Links from you to cool places.
                    Who's Tired of Being a Millionaire?: Where you're donating.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest(s): Mindless negativity about "our" "president"-"elect."

                    December 5, 2000

                    The Hyperlinked Metaphysics of the Web: Our culture has had a container-based metaphysics: space and time are containers within which events occur, and things are only truly real if they're self-contained. The Web, on the other hand, presents us with a hyperlinked metaphysics that is transcendent and fundamentally spiritual.
                    (This "issue" really only has a link to the actual article.)

                    November 20, 2000

                    Webs and Brains and Comparisons: Is the Web a global brain? Beware of metaphors.
                    How to Write a Real Good Powerpoint: Tips that will guide you down the ladder of success.
                    Why Search Engines Suck: Four more reasons, like anyone needs convincing.
                    Misc.: Dept. of Pointless Messages
                    Walking the Walk: Bottom up budgets
                    Cool Tool: Have your windows act like windows
                    Internetcetera: The US election expressed in inches
                    Links: Your contributions, by and large
                    Who's Tired of Being a Millionaire?: Your contributions, small and large
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your contributions, smile and enlarge
                    Bogus Contest:白山棋牌下载 Motherhood

                    November 11, 2000

                    Electoral Quantum Foam: Constitutional Democracy meets Chaos Theory. Sweet!
                    Accidental Prescience: A piece of mine that didn't run, dammit, was oddly ahead of its time.
                    Outcomes: Michael Kinsely has an idea. I have a worse one.
                    Links to love: Net places of interest about the election

                    November 3, 2000

                    Pop!Tech白山棋牌下载: Report on a thought provoking conference in Camden, Maine - Bill Joy, John Perry Barlow, Ira Glasser of the ACLU, Whitfield Diffie, the Governor of Maine, assorted MIT smarties by the scoopful, and about 500 others once and for all answer the question: What does it mean to be human in a digital age?

                    October 20, 2000

                    When Q&A Goes Global: We go for generations without inventing new ways of talking. Now, it happens just about every day.
                    Tribal Knowledge and Objective Madness: Universal knowledge? Only if it's really really boring.
                    Misc.: Odd odds and ends.
                    Who's Tired of Being a Millionaire?: Oxfam can make better use of your money than you can.
                    Walking the Walk: FreightDesk.com just loves XML.
                    Cool Tool: Your handwriting becomes a font.
                    Internetcetera: Democrats and Republicans even browse differently.
                    Links to Love: Great sites a la your recommendations.
                    Email and Arbitrary Insults: The normal fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest: Switching Packets


                    September 26, 2000

                    The Web's Deep Optimism: Everything bad can and will happen on the Web, but the cause for optimism is deep in the Web's very architecture.
                    Random Knowledge: Is knowledge luck or a scam? You be the judge.
                    True Tales to Curdle the Blood: Ross Wirth's Scary Tales of Forecasting, and more
                    Misc: Miscellaneous. Duh.
                    Walking the Walk: Jet Li meets his fans on line. Sort of.
                    Cool Tool : X-Setup lets you tweak Windows until you go blind.
                    Internetcetera: Factoids for your disbelief
                    Links to Love: Places to go, courtesy of y'all
                    Email, Confessions and Gargly Clearings of the Throat: The normal fabulous email
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: Overstatements

                    September 2, 2000

                    Number Mysticism:If the number is precise, it must be right!
                    The Danger of Knowing: Do you really want to sit next to someone who is convinced he knows something?
                    True Tales to Curdle the Blood: Rote mission.
                    Cool Tool: Atomz search is free and powerful.
                    Links to Love: Places to go, courtesy of you

                    August 15 , 2000

                    The Power of the Unstated: John Updike's poem "Hoeing" delivers the tacit knowledge goods
                    Mapping the Web: So many ways to visualize a space that isn't even spatial!
                    Misc.: Shreds and tatters of a lovely lullabye.
                    Walking the Walk: Nuns get webby to push their candy.
                    Cool Tool: E-Quill lets you mark up a Web page for your pals
                    Links to Love: Places to go, courtesy of you
                    Mail, Missives and Funny Smells: More wonderful email than even usual
                    Bogus Contest: Celebrity En-dork-ments

                    July 11, 2000

                    The Question Question: Smart people aren't stuffed with their content. They've mastered the social art of questions.
                    Authentic brands: Can a brand be authentic?
                    Cool Tool:
                    We shouldn't need Tidy but we do
                    Misc.: Amazon out of control, unfortunate names, and more
                    Links to Love: Cool sites you've found
                    Email, Innuendoes, and Intentional Snarls: The great email just keeps comin'
                    Bogus Contest: Opposites Detract

                    June 27 , 2000

                    The New Gravity: It's merged with its opposite:levity.
                    Web and class: How much you long for the Web is how much you hate your job.
                    Why Search Engines Suck: Parts Whatever to Whatever + 5
                    Misc.:Bad breaks, web jokes, and more
                    Cool Tool: CoolBoard gives you a discussion board for free.
                    Walking the Walk: Kraft goes hyperlinked
                    Links to love: Mainly your suggestions. Don't blame me.
                    Email, Slander, and Entropic Ranting: Your letters. Fabulous.
                    Bogus Contest: Hollyweb白山棋牌下载: Web remakes of Hollywood hits

                    June 19, 2000 - Extra special short issue on Beijing

                    China Shards: 4 days in Beijing as a tourist.

                    I've been in Beijing four hours, so I figure that makes me an expert. According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point (as opposed to The Point of Tipping, the book travelers actually need), in an article in the New Yorker, we make up our minds about people in the first fifteen seconds. So I'm actually giving Beijing more than a fair shot.

                    In fact, let's increase the stakes by comparing Beijing to Hong Kong, a city I spent a day touring (while spending three and a half days sitting inside meeting rooms with no view).

                    Hong Kong is a buy-or-bye culture...

                    June 2 , 2000 - Extra special short issue

                    The Wireless Return to Earth (Bonus: Nano-Groups): The Wireless Web will know where you are and who's around you, changing the nature of groups.
                    Links to Love: Why XML stinks and what to get Newt Gingrich for his wedding (hint: Think "Sun King"!)
                    Email, Innuendoes, and Black Eyes: Your normal wonderful missives.


                    May 30, 2000

                    The Real Document Architecture: The Web isn't a medium. It's a place ... filled with weird document-buildings.
                    Goodness Management: After Knowledge Management, what's left?
                    Walking the Walk: Failure works!
                    Links to Love: You found 'em, we love 'em.
                    Misc: Karl Fast's 7 words you may not say!
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your email, delighteful as ever
                    Bogus Contest: Bogus Fontest: You can never have enough jargon
                    Contest results:

                    May 18, 2000

                    Faith in Technology: Is technology indistinguishable from magic...or is it just beyond our control?
                    The Physics of Buzz Words: New research reveals they are as orderly as crystals.
                    PC/Computing: The road to Hell continues: A magazine boots consumers and goes for the biz gold.
                    Misc.: 0 teammates and exploding backups
                    Late News: Spaniards Buy Lycos!: Third-rate search engine still sucks. News at 11.
                    Links to Love: Favorites of yours and mine
                    Cool Tool : StarOffice - too scary for words
                    Email, Slips and Cruel Asides: Stop writing this great stuff! You're killing me!
                    Bogus Contest: Elian Moments 白山棋牌下载: Predict the next movie of the Week

                    May 6 , 2000

                    The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Trade Show: Your company's booth at a trade show may be your only chance all year to actually have a real conversation with customers - What a concept!
                    When Everything Talks: A proposed expansion of product bar codes would let every consumable point to a Web spot where there'd be Yet More Information about it.
                    Cool Tool: Omniviewer
                    Walking the Walk: Group Schneider hyperlinks its design engineers
                    Headline of the Month: Get your kinoodle around this
                    Signs of Life: Gargantuan tetris and hearty laughs
                    Email, Asides and Snide Remarks: The predictably great email from y'all
                    Bogus Contest白山棋牌下载: Microsoft - So great, they named it twice!

                    April 28, 2000

                    The Five Stages of Web Grief - The phases of mourning turn out to describe the typical stages companies go through when confronted with the Web. Where's your company?
                    The Margin of Prevarication: A new tool for measuring a fundamental business practice: how much you have to lie to get what you want.
                    Signs of Life (Was: Links I Like)
                    Cool Tool: AntiCrash 2000 for Windows
                    Email, Ripostes and Desperate Cries for Help: Your turn, as always.

                    April 14 , 2000

                    Napster: The Most Important App Since Sex: Real peer-to-peer computing, a global collaboration that skates along the edge of the old laws
                    Geek Speek: Geeks are In, but do they know the difference between speaking frankly and just plain insulting someone?
                    Strangers on the Web: We're learning new ways to treat strangers. More assumptions fall.
                    Mystery of the near miss translations: Are the translation systems plagiarizing each other, or just equally bad?
                    Misc.: No more broken links?
                    Links I like: Places to visit, mainly from you.
                    Walking the Walk: Distributed science.
                    Cool Tool : All of the world's great books: $30.
                    Internetcetera: Messaging factoids.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email.
                    Bogus contest: Forced fits

                    March 20 , 2000

                    One-Question Interview: Naomi Klein: The author of No Logos tells us how the Web is enabling the anti-brand movement
                    All hail the lurkers: Want to join a conversation? Learn to shut up first.
                    Standards Soup: XSLT, the XML Babelfish: De-Balkanizing the most important standard on the Web
                    News from the PC Magazine Front: Where have all the PC magazines gone? And JOHO vs. Spam: A face off
                    Misc.: A new tense, the coming Quaker world take-over, and more.
                    Why search engines and spellcheckers suck: Search engines as hacker tools, and Superb Owl Sunday
                    Links I like: Mainly your suggestions
                    Walking the Walk: Harley-Davidson has three hands on the throttle
                    Cool Tool: Windows 2000
                    Internetcetera: Factoids
                    I was wrong: Lotus Raven may not suck so bad
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email
                    Bogus contest: Googling

                    February 15, 2000

                    The joy of email: The hours we spend on email everyday are building the new, connected world.
                    ClearType and the visual display of knowledge: Letters three times as clear as before? We're getting closer to reading online.
                    Lotus Knows Knowledge: Quoth the Raven: Nevermore.
                    Misc.: New things to worry about, and what happens when God gets a lawyer.
                    Links I like: Great links from y'all.
                    Walking the Walk: Junior Achievement climbs aboard the cluetrain.
                    Cool Tool: SpotOn.com: Cool or fatally flawed bookmarker?
                    Internetcetera: Ultimate ego-surfing
                    Email, Profanities, and FEOFEOF Tales: Your email. Bless you!
                    Bogus contest: Anagriddles

                    January 25, 2000

                    Does the Web Scale?: Sure, we can have global yet intimate conversations on the Web now, but what happens when there are billions of people on line?
                    Is Personalization Good?: When a site treats you like a very special person, are you being tricked?
                    The Politics of Merely: The Web merely amplifies current trends. But why insert the "merely"?
                    Profanity as as corporate asset: A modest proposal for saving this precious resource
                    Miscux (A Linux Miscellany): Linux is up to its old trix.
                    Misc.: Misc.
                    Links I like: Pointers to places you've pointed out.
                    Walking the Walk: Brief notes on companies that are living La Vida Weba. Maybe.
                    Cool Tool : Spyonit.com automates your ego surfing, freeing up precious minutes for you to gaze at your self devotedly.
                    Internetcetera: People caught in the act of being people.
                    Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your normal amazing email.
                    Bogus contest: Typographic businesses

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